Changed by a Catch Book Review

CBM Book Review - Changed by a Catch by Amy Crowe teaches valuable lessons of obedience and safety to young children, instilling in them a desire to follow directions from their parents. Highlighting safety rules such as what to do when a stranger comes to your door, giving out privileged information, the importance of obeying your parents, even if it doesn’t seem important to you and not to make judgments upon others’ differences highlights just some of J.J.’s life-lessons after he is changed by a catch thrown by his sister (out of all people). Cute, funny and wholesome, this story offers a balanced look at discipline with a loving touch, opening way for parents and children to softly talk about the importance of safety and following the rules.

This story will delight parents, (and make kids and parents alike chuckle). Little J.J. is sweet and sincere and can’t believe some of the messes that landed him into time out, time away from video games and landed him grounded for a month. Spoken of through a J.J. we find the inner-workings of what it would be like to be him. The author invites you into the story from the get go as the typical boy who has gotten his head stuck between the rails of a staircase. Cute, funny and well-written, this book quickly became one of my favorite books on obedience and safety. The author writes a book that teaches parents how to discipline, be fair and talk to their children calmly, but also focuses on young children and why it is important to listen to parents and obey the first time.

Changed by a Catch comes highly recommended for boys and girls alike and for all parents to teach their children life lessons in a fun and engaging way.  Reading is fun with this author!
  • Book Title: Changed by a Catch
  • Authored By: Amy Crowe
  • Christian Book Reviews by CBM
  • 10.0 out of 10.0 stars ( a wonderful must read for children )

Changed by a Catch is available at Amazon and in Kindle.